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Mike Alessi

2014 MCR Rider Bio

Racing Number: 800
Birth Date: May 19, 1988
Birthplace: Canoga Park, CA United States
Residence: Hilliard, Fla
Class (SX, SX lites): SX, MX
Major Accomplishments/Career:

  • 3rd at Steel City in 450 MX class at 16 years old
  • 2006: MX lites - 2nd OA
  • 2007: MX - 2nd OA
  • 2012: MX - 2nd OA

Brief History:

  • When you started riding: 3 years old
  • What got you started: My Dad
  • Pro Debut: 2004

Other Hobbies/Interest: Road Bicycling
Goals: Win a SX Heat Race and Main Event

Twitter: @mikealessi800
Instagram: @malessi800

Fun Facts:

  • I have ran #800 my entire career. Amateur and Professional.
  • I still own the motorcycle I debut on as a professional. It's on display in my trophy room.
  • I was the first non-factory rider to podium in the 450 MX class at 16 years old.
  • I am known as the Holeshot Kid.